Bumbee Beauty is all about keeping it natural and delicious when it comes to skin care. We create simple and natural body care products with high quality ingredients to help your overall skin health and boost your confidence. Our products are designed to give you effective solutions for common skin concerns like body breakouts, irritation, inflammation and dry skin, helping you achieve a happy and healthy glow naturally.


Elena Despotovska

Hey there, lovely! I'm Elena, the heart and soul behind Bumbee Beauty. Growing up, I faced my fair share of skin struggles that left me feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Issues such as, dry cracked skin, irritation, ingrown hairs (especially on my bikini line) and small bumps and break outs were issues I was all too familiar with.
In 2021, I became curious about ingredients and what each ingredient can do to benefit your skin, I got inspired to craft porducts with clean, nurturing elements sourced from the Earth, to help my skin concerns, in which my skin started responding positively. The ingrown hairs became less frequent, my dry skin found relief, and I finally bid farewell to post-shave irritation and those pesky body breakouts.
Bumbee Beauty was created to cater to each individuals unique skin concerns, and a solution that is gentle yet effective so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

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