Your new bestfriends 

The ultimate bundle that'll become your friends for life


Renew your skin without the harsh chemicals

Made with natural ingredients like organic Shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba, our sugar scrub  is designed to gently exfoliate to reveal a brighter, and healthier complexion.


It's time to say goodbye bumps and hello hydrated smooth skin!

It's 2023 so it's time we put an end to painful ingrown hairs and irritated skin

The Naked Peach body Oil is formulated with clean ingredients that is gentle yet effective in fighting off bacteria while soothing the irritated area


A moisturizing antioxidant butter cream, enriched with healing butters combined together with skin soothing oils that make it a powerful body cream to tighten, brighten, soothe and hydrate skin for a long lasting, supple glow

Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief
Skin Relief

Bumbee Beauty

Skin Relief

 Our skin relief bundle is the ultimate trio your skin needs to stay bump free, hydrated and glowing all summer long!

This collection includes:

🍑 The Naked Peach Body Oil 
💗 All-Natural Sugar Scrub 
⭐️ Dream Cream 

Together, they are a powerful combination that tackles dry, irritated skin, diminishes razor bumps, and stubborn ingrown hairs.

By eliminating dullness and promoting a smoother complexion, it ensures that your skin is prepped to flawless, beach-ready perfection!




"I have always struggled with tiny bumps on my bum , making me feel really self consince in a bikini, thanks to regular exfoliation with Bumbee Sugar Scrub and The Naked Peach oil my bumps have completely cleared and I no longer have to worry about the bumps - Thanks Bumbee for a great product"


" I have very coarse hair and always get irritated skin after shaving, armpits not only got rid of any ingrown hairs i had but have pleasently lightend up, I highly recommend all Bumbee Beauty Products, smell great and actually work!!"


I received the Dream Cream as a gift last week along with some milk magic and didn't expect much but a nice smell (I live in Calgary and very few products seem to do much against this dryness), but was pleasantly surprised. The cream is thick and rich, feels just beautiful, and that smell! I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for a great product"